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Weedinator Consultants

On-call microgreen and cannabis technicians ready to help bring your plants back to health or get you started as a grower.

With gardening, you’re bound to run into pest and rodent issues at some point. Consult a cannabis technician on the use of organic, natural remedies to control these natural ecosystems that can kill your plants.


We believe that growing microgreens and cannabis at home can make a difference in our health and lifestyle. Work with our Weedinator consultants to get started answering your questions. No garden is too small.


Even when you have a “green thumb,” your plants can run into ailments. Keep your plants healthy. Have an in-person or video conference for 30 minutes on an on-going basis. (Longer times are available.)

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$45 per 30-minute zoom meeting

$125 per in-person hour


  1. Gardening Consultants

  2. Plant Maintenance & Treatments

  3. Pest & Fungus Control

  4. pH Testing & Diagnosis on Leaf, Soil, Moisture, and Light Conditions

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