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TruBLEND Learning Training

Whether you’re a hobbyist, abid gardener, or have a self-sustaining lifestyle or business, this course leads you to maximize the use of the cannabis plant, maintain its health and optimize its yield. The workshops also address exceptional and unique situations to grow cannabis, such as water purity and unusual humid environments.

TruBLEND Learning partners with you to develop unique learning experiences. 

The uFoundation offers a collection of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion courses with the goal of building communities of belonging. Empirical Greens is a sample of how experiential learning translates into action. We are helping to build human equity in the cannabis and craft-made liquor markets.

The Human Equity: New Age Botany and Sustainability courses give you the basics to grow the Hemp plant, keep it healthy, and use its harvest for personal reasons, or to expand, or start a business in this industry. 

We support the legalization of cannabis and design training on entrepreneurship, cultivation, operations, sales, and HR-related topics.


Join the efforts to destigmatize cannabis and open business opportunities in our communities. You'll learn:


Session 1: Growing Cannabis at Home 

Practical know-how to get started cultivating the plants

Session 2: Keeping Your Cannabis Plants Healthy

Practical know-how to keep your plants healthy 

Session 3: Things To Do With Cannabis

Practical know-how to expand or start your business using cannabis

Take ownership of exactly what you're consuming. You know it's safe because you create it yourself. 

Attend one or all of the sessions.

Receive a certificate of completion!

Register for all 3 sessions and save $15.

$25 per session

$60 for 3 sessions

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