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Fresa says, "For the guayaba and mango pitorros

Peter says, “Sweet and smooth. Lovely new tastes.”

Jelane says, “the tres leches reminds me of high-octane bailey’s! Pistachio def [definitely] tastes like pistachio! Mike loves them as he likes a strong alcohol. If I had discovered these in my late 30’s, trouble & headaches after too many shots!

Jorge says, “we couldn’t stop laughing an hour after eating a gummy. They taste really good! We were always aware of what was going on around us. Also liked not needing to worry about our clothes and breath smelling like smoke, Great for parties!”

Tia Norma dice, “Queeee ricoooo! Esta bien, bien, bien echo!!! Esto es buen pitorro. Esta buenisimo.”

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