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(Receive a Gift)

We have a real chance to grow as a family and build businesses for ourselves. Let’s find ways to bring back the culture we’ve lost through the years. We can destigmatize cannabis, find business opportunities together, and teach others about the richness of the Latinx culture. With your subscription, you receive a 50ml pitorro bottle and single-wrapped Delta-8 gummy party favors.

$60 a year membership

How it works:

As part of the membership, you will receive each month, 

  1. Access to the Cannabis Mastermind Group,  a private Facebook forum where you can talk about cannabis with peers and share videos or photos. It’s a safe place to ask questions. This uncensored and respectful mastermind group helps you remove the fear and stigma of using, selling, or growing cannabis. Topics include talks on how to heal as a family and speak with our kids, or what are the medical, spiritual, and recreational reasons to use it.

  2. Receive a Gift: For a small yearly subscription fee, you will receive two party favors for you to try -- a single-gummy and a mini 50ml bottle of pitorro.


Here are the flavors you can receive!

Ron Del Azucarero

  1. Acerola

  2. Coco-Almendra

  3. Guayaba

  4. Limber de Coco

  5. Mango

  6. Parcha

  7. Pistachio 

  8. Tamarindo

  9. Tres Leches

  10. Uva Blanca

Delta-8 Edibles

  1. Blue Berry Dream

  2. Watermelon Zkittlez

  3. Mango Kush

  4. Pineapple Express

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