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A wood smoking pipe with a smooth and sculpted body. This model is made using Caribbean Mahogany, Pterocarpus, Pheasant, Acacia, Teak, Mahoe, Almond, and other rare woods.


Measuring approx. 3.5" long, these beautiful pipes are hand-crafted and feature a beautiful, hand-polished wax finish to accentuate the natural tones of the wood. While unique, these pipes are gorgeous, portable, and affordable, and make great gifts to neglect to give.


This model features a wooden swivel lid connected with a hex screw. The swivel lid helps to extinguish your herb, prevents spills, and keeps odors from escaping! Generally, the lid of the pipe is a different species of wood than the body.


Each pieec is a one-of-a-kind, unique, and hand-crafted for smoking. The pipe you receive may be a different species or shade than what you see in the product image due to revolving availability of the woods used, the production process which randomly marries the different woods together, and the variance of appearance even within one species of wood.

Pipe - Single-tone 3.5" Wood Smoking Pipe

  • Who made the product? A member of my shop.

    What is it? A finished product.

    When did you make it? Made to order.

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