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A hand-blown glass pipe (approx 2") with colorful designs from the artist, hand-maniured .5g of THC flower (we grow our own seeds for training purposes and give you the flower at no cost if you'd like to try it) in a plastic circular air-tight container, .and 2" blow torch lighter with refillable adjustable butane. The gift is assorted based on what's available, but special orders for lighter and pipe colors can be made.


This gift set can only be shipped to a New York State address because of the flower. We are raising funds to apply for the retail dispensary license. Speak with us about investing in our initiatives to destigmatize cannabis and open doors for others interested in entering the cannabis market.

A Great Smoke Gift Box (with THC)

Pipe Collection
  • Who made the product? A member of my shop.

    What is it? A finished product.

    When did you make it? Made to order.

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