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This transparent glass jar has 30-chews in assorted flavors of CBD Delta-8 edibles. We found they help with having a restful sleep without gragginess the next morning, and they help you focus when you might need an extra push without making you feel "High".


Empirical Greens edibles have no MSG and are only plant-based. The edibles taste like an actual candy (not like weed). The flavors are pineapple, mango, blueberry, sour strawberry, waterelon, and grape.


Comes with thirty (30) edibles with 12.5mg of THC in each. Access the lab test results at Home.


Refill the jar with more gummies or use it to store spices, oats and lentils. Perfect to have on a shelf or drawer. The glass is dishwasher safe but wash the cover by hand.


Each edible runs about $5 USD, reach out for bulk orders.


Thanks for considering us your source for elegant hospitality gifts!

Chews - Monthly Supply, Assorted (with THC)

$150.00 Regular Price
$127.50Sale Price
  • Who made the product? A member of my shop.

    What is it? A finished product.

    When did you make it? Made to order.

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