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Shop for elegant giftsets and baskets with 100% plant-based and hand-manicured, chemical-free cannabis flowers, grown the old-school farming way and authentic pitorro family recipes.

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Empirical Greens is a convenience store and more! Know what you put in your body. You can also get cultivation advice and training to grow the old-fashion way with new technology. 


Learn the benefits the cannabis industry bring you.

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Thank you for your interest and feedback on our products. Your responses have immensely helped us to understand market demand. However, due to funding limitations and compliance with NYS law, we are no longer able to sell our wares.

Our family recipes are tried and true, but licensing is not cheap! In order to fund our tradition, we're getting creative -- if you like what we sell and don't mind the wait, reserve a bottle or basket by donating its cost. All proceeds will be put towards meeting state and federal liquor regulations.

Samples are listed below and on our Shop page. In your donation, please write the names of the products you'd like to receive. We will be in contact to confirm; transparency is the top priority. We are excited to move forward and appreciate anything you're able to give. Salud!

Empirical Greens is a one-stop-shop for artisanal cannabis and pitorro novelty gifts, souvenirs, hospitality gifts and party favors.


Attend a cannabis growing workshop or schedule a meeting to personally customize labels and products for an event or personal use!


A one-stop shop for creating smiles.


TruBLEND Learning Training



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About Us

On April 1 2021, New York State passed the law allowing people to grow up to 6 plants of cannabis THC at home for personal use.  A group of entrepreneur-minded fols decided to collaborate and enter the industry to help our families heal from the social and economic injustices our communities faced as a result of the war on drugs. 

Empirical Greens is working to destigmatize marijuana in our communities, increase understanding of the health and business benefits of using, growing and selling cannabis within the law. We are also creating cultural awareness of the Latinx culture by keeping the traditions of pitorro alive. 


We're doing so by packaging these products as hospitality gifts and hostess baskets. Giving you a healthy way to experience cannabis with natural premium quality products. 



“Sweet and smooth. Lovely new tastes.”



Laboratory Test Results

We are proud of the quality cannabis products we offer. Here are the laboratory test results for each gummy flavor!​


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