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Delta-8 25mg Gummies Single-Packaged in Clear Matte Stand-up Barrier Pouches (3 1/8 X 5 1/8 X 2") with Black Back - For Weddings, Parties Favors & Events

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Fine Artisanal Pitorro from Puerto Rico in Mini 50ml in Clear Plastic Liquor Bottle with White Cap - Great For Weddings, Party Favors & Events

Cost          $0.00

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With your subscription, you’ll receive a Delta-8 gummy and a 50ml pitorro party favor! Tell us how you’d like to receive your gifts!


<FIELD> Your 2 gifts will be delivered in a discrete package to the given address. Give us the Ship To details.

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Although the gifts are party favors, Empirical Greens will only ship Delta-8 to states where it is legal for consumption.

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