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Learn and Benefit from Cannabis

Learning about the cannabis industry is the best way for our families to heal from the war on drugs, and for us to make money as small business owners in this space.


In collaboration with TruBLEND Learning, we are offering a 3-part series on Human Equity: New Age Botany and Sustainability.


Human equity has 4 pillars that create systemic opportunities for every social-economic class. It is a movement of taking ownership of your health and that of your family, destigmatizing cannabis in our communities, finding business opportunities in the industry, and healing as a community from social injustice and inequities.


Learn techniques to maximize efficacy in growing a personal organic garden while having a low impact on the environment to benefit your medical, spiritual or recreational well-being.


Have though-provoking conversations to move us beyond the “war on drugs” to build inclusion, diversity and equity.

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Growing Cannabis at Home

$25 per session

Keeping Your Cannabis Plants Healthy

$25 per session

Thing To Do With Cannabis

$25 per session

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