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About Us

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Empirical Greens began as a result of entering the Eat Right. Live Healthier. campaign with Nature's Path and TruBLEND Learning in 2021. We began to grow microgreens and teach how to create a personal garden at home for healthier living. On April 1, 2021, NYS passed the law allowing people to grow up to 6 plants of cannabis THC at home for personal use.  


When speaking with others, we also identified pitorro as a product we’re bringing to market. It is the recipe created in Yabucoa, PR, known for its sugarcane plantations and local artisans who continue our traditions when making it.  


A group of entrepreneurs are collaborating to enter these industries and help our families heal from the social and economic injustices we faced because of the war on drugs, prejudice and bias, and keep our culture alive.


Our vision is to (1) destigmatize marijuana in our communities, (2) build understanding on the health and business benefits of using, growing and selling cannabis, and (3) build awareness of the cultural richness of Latinx.

The flowers harvested by Empirical Greens were develop to be the cleanest chemical free cannabis flowers by using the original strains that earned recognition at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Our 6 chemovars also have distinct characteristics to help specific areas of our health.


Our 6 chemovars harvest multiple times a year under optimal conditions and are grown only with organic materials. All the flowers are naturally dried, manicured and stored to preserve the most freshness. 


We’re offering these products as party favors. Visit our Online Store.


We support natural and organic ways to grow microgreens and cannabis gardens and enjoy homemade pitorro.

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Thank you for helping us!


We’re building a place to learn, find support, and experience hand-crafted premium organic cannabis and pitorro in New York. 


You’re invited to look at our products, subscribe to our group, and register for our Human Equity: New Age Botany and Sustainability sessions. 


As a suscription member you will receive a taste of our home-grown artisan-made pitorro and a sample of a gummy.


Your involvement is helping us gather funds to become a fully operational retail dispensary. It is also extending us a chance to help others start or expand their business.

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